Homeowner Safety Responsibilities

Hazards Around the Home

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Beware of Animals

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Electrical Hazards

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Making Your Home Safe for Visitors

Owning your own home is part-and-parcel of the American Dream. Once you have a home, the first thing you might want to do is invite others over to see it. Remember, though, that with homeownership comes an entirely new slate of responsibilities related to protecting your guests. Should any of them be injured while on your property, you will likely be held liable.

Eliminate Potential Hazards

Those who have done an online search such as “personal injury attorney near me” to seek advice about common injuries at private homes will tell you that such professional advice can protect guests prior to them setting foot onto your property. This includes identifying any potential hazards that could cause injuries such as slick sidewalks or entryways, loose carpeting or flooring, or any exposed wiring that could potentially lead to injury.

Make Sure All Household Systems Are Working Properly

If you will be hosting an extended stay, make sure that all of your home’s amenities and safety features are working properly. Replace furnace and air conditioning filters to avoid the potential of guests with respiratory issues experiencing difficulties. Make sure that all your smoke alarms have fresh batteries and are in good working order. If you don’t already have one, invest in a carbon monoxide detector to use alongside your smoke alarm.

Protect Small Children From Hazards

It’s Important to protect small children from any hazards that your home may present to them. Things like a swimming pool, backyard playground equipment, or even the dog are tempting attractions to children, yet each can be dangerous to them. Small children should always be supervised by a responsible adult whenever there is a potential risk of injury to them. Homeowners could be held liable if kids are injured by tempting attractions.

Safety Should Be Everyone's Concern

Be careful not to cross the line of turning your home into an uninviting fortress. Simply use common sense when preparing to host guests. Don’t present the opportunity for anything to go wrong, and don’t be afraid to enlist your guests help in protecting themselves. Just set some simple ground rules, and you’ll quickly be able to eliminate any stress and enjoy the time spent with friends and family.